Thursday, March 31, 2011

Progress For March

My daily supplement routine:
I snort protein powder 3 times a day.
I inject omega 3 into my biceps 2 times a day.
I inhale creatine powder before and after workout.
I put my multivitamin pills up my ass every morning.

And here are my results. lol.

More pictures later. :)


Did I make progress this month? Every time I look in the mirror I see no difference, but the scales don't lie. Maybe I packed on some water weight or fat?

Last month: 61.2kgs

Last month: 135.2lbs

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Food Update

I’m used to eating my horrible cooking now. Everything still tastes plain and flavourless. Also I'm trying to eat more vegetables and less rice. Here are some pictures of my meals this month, nothing has changed much.
Chicken sausges with white rice and steamed vegetables.

Plain, flavourless steak, with lots of steamed vegetables.

Chicken schnitzel made with love.

Fried fish fillets in olive oil with three slices of wholemeal bread.

Steamed sweet potato

Uhhh, self-explanatory...


Just another update on what I’m doing this month.
So I finally got a gym membership at a local gym called LIFESPORT for three months. The gym is small, but has most of the equipment a bodybuilder would use. A great thing about this gym is you get complimentary towels, lockers and continental breakfast, which I’ve never seen any other gym do. Also everyone who goes there seems nice and friendly, and the counter chicks that work there are hot! That’s probably the reason why I’m going there more frequently now. Haha.