Monday, January 31, 2011

Progress For January

I will be uploading more pictures of my progress at the end of every month. So stay tuned!

Haha, laugh all you want, it will only motivate me. I will only get bigger and then surpass you! :)

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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I’ve been using Musashi Mass Bulk Gain this month to supplement meals I’ve missed. It’s a pretty good protein supplement and the taste is incredible! You will see amazingly fast gains if taken correctly with a healthy balanced diet. The only thing I don’t like about it is it literally gives me the shits. My stomach is used to it now, so it’s all good. Also the servings are large, which I don’t like.

I mix 60g (approx 4 level scoops) with 500ml of milk and consume after working out. I also use it to supplement meals I've missed.
I also take multi vitamin and omega 3 supplements. I take one of each everyday.

Eat & Drink Like A Champion

I can tell you that dieting and eating healthy sucks! From what I’ve read so far, you have to consume a lot of healthy meals in a day for the proper nutrition required for muscle growth. Thinking of all this food makes me want to gag! I’m eating so much that my mum is complaining about not having enough food in the house, and she used to complain that I eat less!

Anyway, here are some of the foods I’ve been consuming this month. 
For breakfast I eat a decent serving of Kellogg's Special K with chocolate flakes, I also add one sliced banana for extra taste. I then finish it off with 3 scrambled eggs.

Typical main course meal. Stir fried beef and vegetables with steamed white rice. Added a teaspoon of soy sauce for seasoning. Taste nothing like my mum's cooking! But it's alright.
Another typical main course meal. Steamed fish with ginger and shallots. Seasoned with oyster soy sauce.
My mum made this. It's noodles with beef, poached eggs and other herbs and spices. I hardly eat this.
This is NOT pho!
1 hour before a workout, I eat an apple or banana and a Nutri-Grain Bar.

I try to consume 3 litres (0.8 gallons) of water a day.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


This month I’ve been weight lifting mainly with dumbbells and nothing else. Haven’t been to a proper gym yet, but will soon!
10kgs (22lbs) each

18kgs (39lbs)
My exercise consists of: 
  • Squat/Curl/Press
  • Bent-Over Row/Kickback      
  • Press/Fly
I’ve been doing these workouts consistently this month.

Here’s the Workout Routine I’ve been using, feel free to copy it if you want.
Starting slow this month. 

First Blog

So this year I’ve decided to take up weight lifting as new hobby. Why? I don’t know. Maybe for a new look or to impress girls?! I’ve been called skinny my entire life and it really never bothered me until now, so that’s probably the reason why. I spend most of my time behind the computer. I’m not a very active person and I’m tall and skinny. Oh, I’m also very lazy!
My goal is to gain as much muscle as I can and sit between 70-85kgs (154-187lbs), looking lean and ripped by the end of the year. I don’t want to bulk up that much, but I do want to get bigger. I currently weigh approximately 58-60kgs (127-132lbs). All of this sounds like a joke. But you have to think big! This is going to be really tough for me, but if you set your mind to it anything is possible.
I have some weaknesses that may slow me down from reaching my goals; like my asthma and heart murmur, but I can tell you that it’s going to take more than that to stop me. Only patience, determination and motivation will bring me through.
  •  58-60kgs (127-132lbs) 
  •  178-180cm (5’8-5’9”) tall
  • Gain as much muscle
  • Weigh at least 70-85kgs (154-187lbs)
Sorry if my post was boring, I usually don’t post blogs or personal stuff. Also, check out Hanh Champion and Ice1cube on YouTube, these guys are great motivators!