Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diet Update

I’ve started eating more beef, chicken and fish this month. Now that I’m cooking my own meals everything tastes flavourless. And I can’t cook for shit! Also I put soy sauce in everything. Why? Because I’m Asian!

Here are some pictures of my main course meals:
Frozen beef and chicken fillets stored in plastic containers for another day/week of cooking!  
Steak with white rice, stir fried eggplant and vegetables.

Chicken fillets with white rice, lettuce and tomatoes. 
Garlic flavoured fish with steamed; white rice, bean sprouts, tomatoes and bits of fish.

Steak and beef bits with steamed; white rice, vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Fish stuffed in tomatoes with white rice and some lettuce.

As you can see I rove rice! And my diet pretty much consists of it. I am trying to consume five meals a day including protein supplements. The trick is to portion out your meals and eat 70-75% of what makes you full so you have an appetite for your next meal.
Check out this video if you haven't: Basic Dieting Video - With HanhChampion


  1. Hey man. Your meals looks delicious compared to mine. mine looks like shit and taste okay. I love rice too. *high5* for loving rice!

    check out mine over here. looks pretty boring. hahaha.

  2. Haha, these meals are simple, anyone can make them. Not a lot of flavour though, but it's healthy!

  3. Yea. But too bad I don't have that amount of time to prepare those cool stuffs. Only chicken and rice with some veges.