Friday, July 29, 2011

Guys Who Are Cookin' Are Good Lookin'

Here are some of the meals I've eaten and cooked this month:

Most of my meals are plain and not much msg is used. Healthier this way.

Steamed fish

Steamed fish with BBQ sauce.

Rice with steamed fish and spinach. 

Pho Shizzle! Hell yeah! Home made Pho. (Not exactly defined as healthy, but still!)
I eat lots of tuna when I'm low on meat. Not all of this in one meal though.
Seafood diet! Rice with mussels.
Rice with sardines.
Rice with salmon and tuna.

Fried eggs.
Preparing for a roast!
Roast beef.


  1. Hey Truongy, for that rice, salmon and tuna meal; do you add 1 whole can of tuna in that meal or is that just half a can? and also how much do you weigh in that pic above? it's the progress for July update pic.

  2. Hey Dronkos,
    yeah, one whole can of tuna and a slice of salmon. I was weighing in at 64.1kgs (142.2lbs) when I took that picture.

  3. Andrew- Ahh, ok. I thought you were at 67.5kg over there lol. You look bigger.

  4. haha, nah. 67.5kgs was the maximum weight I've achieved, but I dropped down to 64.1kgs due to what happened over the last few months.

  5. awesome post man. I like it. Great pictures!

  6. Hanh - Thanks man.

    Wongy - Haha, anyone can make these simple meals.