Friday, July 29, 2011


At the start of July I was weighing in at about 61-62kgs. I would've at least hit 70 kgs+ by now, but due to exams and other commitments last month I lost roughly 5kgs. All that work for nothing and now I'm trying to gain my weight back. Really devastated about it, but I'm not going to give up yet! 

Maximum weight achieved: 67.5kgs (148.8lbs)


  1. Hey man, lets motivate each other. I'm from Malaysia, I think we share the same age. Do follow me at my blog (though I rarely update my blog about working out) or facebook

    don't worry, I'm not gay. Just that I found that you're very determined and all the good stuffs.

  2. Nice blog! You put a lot of detail into your posts, unlike me. Haha

  3. Your progress and your consistency in your blog post is much better than mine, Mine is up and down. :( thumbs up to you