Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diet Update

Just the usual beef, chicken and fish! There was this day where I literally ran out of food and all I could find was canned turkey and kidney beans. Mmhmm.

6 eggs with a dash of soy sauce and 3 bread rolls

White rice with steak and steamed vegetables. 

Baked fish fillets with low fat mayonnaise and steamed vegetables.

Steamed fish with low fat mayonnaise.

I ran out of food and this was all I could find. Fried canned turkey and kidney beans. Mmhmm. *gag*


  1. do you still use the same workout plan as you did in January? or you got a new one?

  2. Hey Kevin,

    The workout plan I used in January was just a temporary one until I got a gym membership. I actually made decent gains with that workout and recommend it for beginners who want to train arms.

    And I don't really follow a workout plan any more. I just train parts of the body that I think needs improvement.

    I'll post a workout routine that I did follow, maybe sometime later this week. :)

  3. hi Andrew! Aren't the 6 eggs you made in the first picture pretty fattening? They look like they're fried.

  4. Hey Dronkos, yeah the eggs are fried. I only eat fried eggs every now and then.